Kevin Rogan

Policy & space

Here’s another map. But what are the yellow lines?

The yellow lines define the perimeter of rezoning areas. Zoning and rezoning are the tools which governments use to promote their own particular view of the city, by either enforcing or limiting spatial behaviors.

When juxtaposed with the census and building data, they begin to enforce some pretty interesting conclusions. Particularly of note is the southwest tip of our case study area, around Prospect Park, where the Crown Heights West Rezoning was put into place in 2007 in order to “preserve community character” and prevent the further reconstruction of the Prospect Heights neighborhood. By looking at the map, does it seem like the rezoning did in fact prevent further construction, or in fact led to an increased ‘boom’ in a historically relevant district?

In whatever case, Crown Heights & Bed-Stuy will, of course, continue to mutate and change.
It’s up to us to make these changes ones that are beneficial to us all.

Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles