War breaks out in Neo-Stalingrad—New York City 2044. Non-linearity explodes out of littoral space and the city becomes a meat shredder as urban metabolism goes carnivorous. The swarm and empire, the people and the state, the Insurgent and the Hegemon, locked in combat to the death even as the city itself comes online and chooses sides.

Now, you can enjoy all the thrills and non-linearity of megaurban hyperwar without all the fuss.
Welcome to the Game of Metropolitical War.

The Game of Metropolitical War is a tabletop game on a hex board with simple gameplay, which models a speculative urban war and explores possible models of attack, movement, and intelligence in urban space.

If you want to play the Game of Metropolitical War:
Instruction Manual (pdf)
Game board: NYC 2044 (pdf, enormous)

3D game pieces (ready for 3D printing):
Insurgent (stl)
Hegemon (stl)

If you want to buy the Game of Metropolitical War:
[coming soon]

If you want to read more behind the Game of Metropolitical War:
Richard Norton, Feral Cities
David Kilcullen, Out of the Mountains
Megacities Concept Team, Megacities and the United States Army
John Spencer, What an Army Megacities Unit Would Look Like
Patrick Kaune, Analysis of US Army Preparation for Megacity Operations
Red Army Faction, Urban Guerrilla Concept
John West, Fry the Brain

(and my own cloister4.com, which explores many of the same themes)